Tortoise Index Solutions

Real Yield IndexSM (TYLD)

The Tortoise Real Yield® Index is a differentiated index that aims to track real asset exposure anchored in current income. It provides an efficient benchmark for real yielding, tax pass-through, liquid companies that distribute substantial cash flow streams to investors by investing in REITs (real estate investment trusts), MLPs (master limited partnerships) and BDCs (business development companies). The index provides a benchmark of companies with tangible essential assets that are supportive of economic activity with no commodity futures, precious metals, TIPS (treasury inflation-protected securities) or foreign currency exposure.

  • Why Real Yield®
  • Comprehensive yield-focused real asset companies illustrate relevant investment opportunity, now and
    across business cycles
  • What defined the last 25 years – declining interest rates and low inflation – is not necessarily what
    can be expected going forward
  • Defines equity-like exposure to real assets with attractive yield and diversification potential
  • Helpful benchmark for investors with recurring, multi-year funding obligations
  • Key Eligibility Requirements:
  • NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE MKT or another major U.S. exchange-listed REITs (excluding mortgage REITs), oil & gas MLPs and BDCs
  • Market capitalization of $500 million for REITs and MLPs, $300 million for BDCs
  • 3-month average daily value traded is $5 million for REITs and MLPs and $3 million for BDCs